The Huge Tennisball…

Yesterday, before we went to the dogpark to celebrate Rocki, I bought him a very big tennisball. Everything that we buy him gets ripped to pieces by his sharp teeth or cought under the sofa while he’s playing with it. So I basicailly went looking for a huge ball of some sort that’s not easy to tear apart and that won’t fit under the couch. And I found it; a superhuge tennisball! He fell in love with it and somehow he’s figuerad out how to hold it in his mouth…I really don’t understand how since the ball is like the size of his head….but he does it anyway. 11263691_10153267744962487_1836213690_n 11269471_10153267745072487_829575357_n 11304323_10153267744997487_69419751_n

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Rocki’s birthday celebration!

My little sweet wrinkleface turns 1 on wednesday (the 20:th of May) so we decided to throw him a little birthday-party with his dog-friends at his favorite dogpark today :) A little pre-celebration.
Since he’s my little baby I wanted to make this as close to a childrens-party as possible….soooo of course there was candybags for all who attended :)

IMG_4467 IMG_4469All of Rocki’ little friends, including himself of course, got these candybags with their initial on it :) Inside I had put a lot o different sorts of dogcandy that I know Rocki is really fond of. They loved them! hihi.
Afterwards they all ran around like crazy, playing with each other :) It was such a fun day…even though we did have some trouble with the weather.

20150517_160924 Moppe the Pug


Moppe and Bruce


Rocki and his new friend; Ebba


Flisan wanting candy…20150517_162438




Pre-Congratz to my little lovely! <3

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Day off, lovely breakfast….Strawberries. Need I say more..?

IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4426

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So far so good!

Shopping, talking and eating. I’d say that’s a great day!


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Goodmorning friends!

Early morning today! Me and Rocki got up with Philip and went for walk when he went off to work :)
Now I’ve gotten some coffee in my system and I will very shortly be getting ready since me and my mom are going to “Väla” which is our big shopping-mall!
Yes — I know that my paycheck arrived today and thaat the trip to mall will make me spend a little of it….but don’t you worry there will be plenty left for other important matters :)

Tonight me and Philip are going to a nearby town to look at an apartment there, the guy who’s renting it out called me yesterday and we set up a little meeting tonight so that we can look at the place. There were plenty of others who are going to look at it as well…so I don’t keep my hopes very high but whatever happens it wil be fun to go look at it :)

Have a great day!

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Walked for hours!!

So the thing I said before about just staying in and watching the weather outside all day long… didn’t quite happen…
We felt like taking Rocki for a walk and since it was only dripping a little and not pooring down excessivly we went to the litte forrest pretty nearby where we live :)
It was so much fun and it felt really good to be outside! We walked for about 2 hours and now we’re finally home :)









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I did it!

After like a week and a half’s break from working out for various reasons; Im finally back!
I decided to walk the very short distance (we’re talking like 20 metres) to the gym this morning to start the fitness-way-of-life again, and I did. I couldn’t do it as much as I wanted though because I have this horrible ake in my stomach….but I went there and I did as much as I could :) I gave my legs an insane workout though so probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow ;)

Anyhow; feels good to have been there today and now, since both Philip and I have the day off, we’re going to have a suoercosy day inside since the weather is kinda’ bad.


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Baptism day!

Today it was time for Philips cousin, Sakarias, to be baptised in a nearby town. So we were picked up by Philps mum and sister at 12.30 and like twenty minutes later we sat in the little tiny church, awaiting the guest of honor to arrive :)
He was so cute and he was superb during the baptism, didn’d make any noise at all…just sat there looking at all of us.
Everything went on pretty fast and about an hour and half later we were on our way home again :)
Now it’s raining outside and we’ve both sat down at our computers with some food, just enjoying the bad weather from inside :)







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I’m so freakin’ tired, and so not in a mood for anything today. I woke up around 10 am and now I’m at the park with Rocki.
At 2 I have to be at work…which I don’t feel like at all. Like I said tooo tired and toooo not in the mood.


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Tonight, dinner’s on me!



Sammon, rice and cucumber :)

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