Updating my interior

Hmm… I’ve been looking around on different websites after some lovely goodies that will brighten up around the apartment and lately I’ve had a thing for vases of different shapes and colors. So that’s what I focused when looking around, and I did find some great things to amazing prices!
Like this hanging bottle for example. Imagine this with some wild flowers in it hanging on the balcony this spring…..


The next two things were these lovely oval-shaped vases as well…I really want them!
The one with clear glass (to the left) comes in three different sizes, so I’m very intrigued to get middle one and the big one…. maybe. We’ll see what happens! :)


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A lovely day

It’s been quite a lovely day today. It’s been sunny, unfortunately veeeeeey windy…like a storm almost at one point, but the weather has still been really great in between those stormy peeks. This morning me and Rocki chose a different walk than we usually do in the morning and we ran into a gorgeous Golden Retriver that he got to play with in the little park-area. They were so cute together!

Afterwards we made some coffee and placed ourselves in the couch for some studying…that has taken up most of the day if I’m honest.
I took a break to clean the entire apartment, since it was a while since we did that….., now the whole place is sparkling *proud*.

Our lunch-walk was sooooo awesome. Despite the wind we took a long walk through both parks and residential areas in the sunshine. Felt so good and a little spring-feeling woke up in me. Can’t wait for the new season to arrive!!


So a very good day and I started feeling better in my throat as well so in the morning I’ll be returning to the gym! Finally!

Have a good one guys!


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Calm day

This day has been supercalm. A Sunday is pretty much supposed to be if you ask me, but the reason for that today is that I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. It feels exactly like I’m right in between getting sick and making in through without it. So I’ve been trying to rest as much as I can since I want to be ready for our workout tomorrow….I’ll of course be forces to take it kinda slow but I really hope to be able to at least go there and do everything to the best of my abilities. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess….

What I wanted to tell you though is that I have just created a new little webpage, one that will only be used for my photography. It would meen the world to me if you guys wanted to check it out and start following it! Always feels a little better and easier starting something new up if yo have people supporting you :)

Here’s the link to it:

Now I’ll continue studying for a while and then make myself some food.
Have a good evening lovely ones!



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My arms are probably dying….

After our intense arm-day at the gym yesterday I woke up with some super-sore muscles I can assure you…It’s quite alright though. It makes you feel rather good about yourself and it’s sort of a very welcome sign that the workout will be making a difference :) So I don’t mind some hurting muscles every now and then.
This weekend will be resting-days for every little muscle that I have and the workouts will then continue on Monday again. Feels kinda nice to have an entire weekend to sort of recover, at least in the beginning.
In about half and hour me, my pug and my man are headed to his sister for some dinner and good fun :) Shall be great.

Have a great evening lovely ones! I’ll catch up with you soon again.


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The beauty of winter

Went for a long walk in the beautiful weather earlier today and captured some great photos.

Canon 600D
18-55 mm lens & Macro 60mm lens.


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Workout’s are back on the table….

Yesterday me and Johanna decided to start working out again. We were pretty good at it last year, but we kind of drifted away from it because of work and travels and such….so when the new year was in arrival we wanted to try to kick it in with a fresh start at the gym. So yesterday was the first day at the gym 2016. It felt so good! It felt really good! I actually managed to accomplish a lot more than I though after that long time away from the gym, so that was a great surprise and I feel pumped to get the workouts to be a routine in my everyday life.
People always say that as long as you can hang in there for a month with regular workouts, you’ll be fine because then you will have made it into  routine and you won’t have to think about it so much….you’ll just sort of do it. And that’s probably true for most people but it has never worked for me….don’t know why really….
I kind of starts the whole thing up, super-excited and  ready to get fit and healthy..I make it for about three months maybe…then all of that pumped energy and motivation just vanishes. It’s simply nowhere to be found and usually I try to continue in hopes of discovering that love for workouts again, but I never make it past that. Before I even realize it three times a week turns into one….and then it becomes once every two weeks until I don’t even go near the place anymore.
This time though I do hope it’ll be different, it’s easier to stay in the routine when going there with someone else so keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to make it!

After the workout yesterday we went shopping for some healthy food and a lot of vegetables and such to feel good about the new start we’re trying to make for our bodies…
So my after-workout snack looked like this:

12511287_10153836038827487_1314071880_oSome strawberry yogurt, müsli and raspberries, so yum!!

Later that evening Philip went to g shopping with his dad for a while and I decided to make something really good to eat just for me. And no…it wasn’t extremely healthy, but it looked incredible with all of the vegetables on the plate, right?


So that was my day yesterday! How was yours? :)

Have a great day lovely ones!

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Interior Inspo

Simplicity. Home-feeling. Light. Good space. Shabby Chic. Gray,White,Black,Beige,Brown.

I always find so much inspiration while browsing through Pinterest. All of the photos above have the elements that I look for in a home. I do hope that I’ll get to apply these interior ideas in a future house of ours.

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January 15, 2016 · 6:47 pm


We ordered a BuddyBox for Rocki last week that we got to open today! He really loved it and it was a lot of fun to unbox everything in there :)
Unboxing video is now up on my channel!


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If you haven’t checked out my latest unboxing video, here’s your chance!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to leave a like if you like it :)

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Amazing dog-day

Today, Rocki had a playdate on the schedule. And not just any playdate; a Rottweiler-playdate :)
Apart from Pugs, Rottweilers are one of my favorite dog breeds and Rocki loves playing with bigger dogs so we were superexcited for today!! :)
We met up in the nearby forrest to take a long walk in the very cold but very lovely weather. It was so much fun and the two dogs became quite good friends :)




We walked for almost 2 straight hours and I was very fascinated with how good my little baby kept up the pace, he really loved it!




Now, since we got home, my little one has been sleeping for most of the time. I kinda figured that was how this day was going to end after being so excessively active all day long!
So without any further ado we will now get ready to go to bed for real, have a great evening sweet ones!
Talk to you soon!

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