Spending the day like a true Swede!

Haha….well in a way I guess ;) In other words we decided to spend some time at IKEA this lovely Monday. We had some things to return and re-buy so it felt good to kind o get it over with. While there we, as always, had to eat the famous meatballs (which I happen to love) and then we walked around the enitre department store. I love to walk around at IKEA, it’s fun to find all of those home interior things that you don’t really need but really want to have, don’t you agree?? :)
So at the end of the day we got to do what we came there for, we got fed and I got to purchase various things for our home. Thumbs up for this day!

Skärmbild (4)

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Photoshoot – Isabella & Madeleine

Today I booked a little photoshoot, just for fun, with two of my best friends. They happen to be sisters as well, so a sibling-photography session this foggy Sunday. It was so much fun!! We started the day with some coffee and cinnamon buns and just a lot of talking, since we haven’t seen each other in a while :) After that it was time to head over to the park and start the photoshoot. I’m really happy with the feelings in all of the photos, they really say something and I’m very pleased with the result actually! :)


IMG_1207 copy

IMG_1230 copy

IMG_1285 copy

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Mommy’s birthday!

Today, the third of October, my mom turned 51 years old! :)
We invited her and my grandma’ over for some dinner followed by coffee to celebrate her a bit. Next Saturday we will celebrate her again with the rest of the family but we wanted to do so on the right day as well.
Me and Philip made some delicious taco gratin! It was soooooo yummie! Oh my….I stuffed myself so full that I could bearly move at all…haha. But it was very good anyhow. As a gift we got her a pink scarf, that I knew she wanted, a little home-made card and a gift certificate for a mother-daughter-massage at “Trivas på Råå”. (The place I wrote about a couple of days ago where I go to get my massages). So that’ll be great!!
It ended up being a really good day and now we are pretty wiped….so my evening plan includes cosy sweats in bed while watching “I,Robot”. Sounds like quite the plan to me….


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I just love to sit and scroll throgh all the different pictures on Pinterest. It brings such inspiration and joy to find so many lovely photos! :)
Here are todaystop 3.





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Oh yes, I survived my first ever seminar today!! I was so nervous that I could literally have started crying before we started it. I’ve never been very fond of the whole….”Let’s present what you’ve done “- things. It makes me terrified. But today, I really got through it! :) So happy and so proud of myself!! It went great!
To celebrate this little break-throguh (if oyu will) me and Philip went to a nearby café for some brunch.
From this hour and thorugh Saturday and Sunday, I’m completely free from studying and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can!

12081007_10153617876887487_264107993_n 12083875_10153617876927487_1689350629_n

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This morning me and Philip just chilled. Made some breakfast, watched some Youtube and just relaxed together. When the clock started to close in on noon I decided to do some studiying, we have one more very small individual part left that is connected to the project at school — if you don’t count the seminar that’s coming up this Friday. I’m sooooo nervous!! It’s not really a big deal…if you think about, but you see; I’m terrified of such events. Holding seminars, talk about what I’ve accomplished in front of a group of people. It’s really hard or me to do most of the time since my nerves always seem to get in the way. I try to calm myself down a bit by trying to make myself realize that this time I will actually be a part of this seminar in my own livingroom (since this is a distance study) and that’s something that I’ve never done before. So maybe this will be the ideal way for me to show my projects and stuff…who knows?

Anyhow, at 1 pm I went to borrow Philips sisters car to go and pick up my mom in the city. We spent the entire afternoon second hand-shopping. It was so much fun! You can find so many unique and awesome stuff in places like that! So we had a blast :)
By the time I got home Philip had made us some delicious dinner so we’ve basically been sitting in the couch all evening, watching tv. I love to have these cosy noghts in front of the tv together, just plane amazing.

This is what my face looked like today.

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A visit to the vet….

Today it was time, to once again, visit the animal hospital with Rocki. You see, two days ago he started to close his left eye completely and he was very determind to not even try to open it when we tried to look at it…..
He’s had this exact problem twice before, on of these times we also had to go and see the vet but the time after that it went away all on it’s own. So this time we decided to wait it out for a couple of days to see how things turned out. It went up and down a lot, From strictly “no opening” to actually having it almost completely open. This morning though I did see that he couldn’t open it all even though he used it correctly the night before. So we decided that it was time to get it checked out and hopefully fixed. After spending a few hours at the hospital, where they now remember us since we’ve been there so many times this past year, we found out that Rocki, just like the time before, had managed to somehow scratch his eye himself….at least that’s the most probable reason. So we got two different eye-drops, one that he will only use throughout the week and another one that we will continue to use for quite some time. We also got some sort of wipes to get rid of bacteria and stuff in his major wrinkle over his nose. So now, let’s hope he’ll be fine quickly!! :)
So this day went by kind of quick….and this evening my mom came by and we watched some Gossip Girl and just chatted along, so long day at the hospital but it all ended on a good note :)


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So much to do, So little time

Yesterday I had such a stressful day!! I had two meetings in the morning with school. Just some guidence that was connected to our project and then a meeting with my project group to fix a few things. After that i ha dto start cleaning like crazy, this place really looked like a bombed hut. So many hours there and then I had to start writing on my reflection for the project as well…..and theeeeen I had to eat cause my stomach wanted to literally kill me from the inside.
Suddenly the clock did strike 4pm and a good friend of mine was coming over around 4.30pm to drink some beer and eat some chips before we were to head down in the city for an AfterWork with our colleagues :)

So hectic day, but also a very fun one! :)

Today I’ve been working. We had a team-day today so all of us worked together, which was very fun :) but I was superwiped when I got home so Philip and I decided to go and buy a whole lot of candy and some pizza to ccelebrate the fact that it’s friday today!! Hihi.
And now I’ve been studying for the past hour. So goodnight sweet ones, talk to you soon.


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Autumn Outfit


New outfit video on my channel!! Click HERE to watch it! :)

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Superlong morningwalk

This morning me and Rocki met up with my mom to take a little walk, maybe through the park or around the neighborhood….we ended up walking for about 2 hours..haha. Through two different parks, down by the sea and around the city..very nice walk though :) We ended up at Espresso House down by the harbour for some breakfast and on the way back home I got some roses to decorate the livingroom with.
Great start!




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