Hmm… It’s early….

I gor woken up by this little cute baby of mine , aka Rocki my Pug, at like 6.15 am. So tired. I honestly thought that he would sleep a liiiittle longer since we were out pretty late with him last night, but no. He started running around all over us, after trying to get him to lie down for another minute or two and after getting several paws in face, I gave up. So now we’ve been out for a walk and he’s eaten breakfast and I’m making some coffe so that maybe, just maybe, I can wake up my now zombie-fied body.

But still, Goodmorning yo y’all!


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Loooong day..!

Oh my… it’s been a busy day at work today. The moving-sale really took the life out of me, so little shoes left but still so many people who are after them only because it’s super-cheap. It’s great fo us though,  we don’t want to drag along all of hte sale items to the new store, but it kinda’ sucks since you’re standing in the middle of soooo many empty shelfs for like 7 and 1/2 hours…
At least I’m home now! Looking forward to eating the porkchop that my boyfrind is making for dinner as we speak, and doing so in front of the latest episode of The Walking Dead! I’m so freakin’ excited!! The last episode was just awesome but it ended so happy that you just know that this one with tear all of the happy feelings apart. ‘

Do you guys watch Walking Dead? :)

Have a great evening and I’ll talk to you again soon!
walking dead

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Titta på Pug gone cray-cray | Rocki the Pug #2 på YouTube

Pug gone cray-cray | Rocki the Pug #2:

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You get a pre-view….

.. of the thumbnail on my latest Youtube-video that doesn’t go live until tomorrow :)
This one’s also featuring the little Pug of mine, Rocki.
Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube here !

pug gone cray cray

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It feels so good that it’s finially weekend again. Even though I’m was working today and I’m working again tomorrow. There’s still something special about the weekend.
We just started a major “moving-sale” two days ago and it seemed like everybodu kinda’ got that today because we had sooooo much to do! People everywhere and sold like crazy at one point. Itäs really fun when there’s a lot do I think. It takes your mind of the fact that you’re actually working, but….god how tired we got the last remaining 30 minutes. It was like you just relaxed for the first time in a couple of hours and your whole body just kind of understood the pressure it had been under. So on the way home I just strolled through all the stores that lie on my way and ended up buying a lot of candy before I reached my front door. I do think that I’ve earned it though :) Don’t you?

However, it’s been a pretty fun day and to be able to come home to my wonderful boyfriend and my lovely little pug, Rocki, is just amazing. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. That’s really what makes me keep going on days that I feel like work is taking for ever or on a day when everything feels just straight up wrong; I get to come home to my two sweeties and just realx later on.
To confirm what I’m talking about….this following picture shows you pretty much what an evening after work can look like;

You get how cosy it is right? :)

Now, it’s time for a late dinner in shape of tacos followed by some sleep since I’m going up for work in the morning.
Have a great saturday!

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Announcement reaveled!!

Meet our new puppy; Rocki! :D

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Big announcement headed your way!

Oh yes, a very big announcement is coming your way at the end of this week or in the beginning of next!
I’m not going to tell you about it yet ’cause it’s going to be a surprise :)

Just wanted to give you a headsup to you know to check in later to find out!


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Mixed feelings today.

Today, the 8th of October, is in itself a very sad day. It’s a day filled with overwhelming feelings and many moments of pure sadness. It’s exactley one year ago since I lost my little beautiful dog; Spooky.
We bought him six years ago when he was nine years old because his owners didn’t have the time to take care of him. We completely fell in love with this gorgeous little fluffy lamb-look-a-like and he felt the same way about us from the start. It was true love at first sight. We met him a couple of times before we got to bring him home for real and each time I just yearned, for the day with a big D, when I could acutally call him my own.
He was such a sweety. Loved everyone, comforted you when you were sad, played with you, went on long walks and just easily became your best friend.
He had troubles with his joints from the start and as he got older it became worse. Bur he stayed the happy dog that he was. It never actually seemed to bother him much.
A couple of weeks before we were forced to put him down at the vet’s office he started to loose his eye-sights. He walked in to walls and you could see that he had trouble keeping track on his whereabouts. He no longer looked quite that happy as I knew he usually was. So after a little while we didn’t have much choice.
It was in the afternoon on the October 8th 2013 that I had to drive up to our veterinarian adn make the hardest decision of my entire life. I remember how I tried to keep myself together on the up there in the car. Just so that he woludn’t get so stressed and uncomfortable. When I then walked in to the vet’s reception and had to utter the horrible truth I bursted into tears.
So this day is a day of sadness but also a day to really think about how wonderful he was. How many laughs and great experiences that came with him.
I love you so so vety much my little angel <3


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Yes, that’s the best word to descibe the three days that’ve past. We’ve been eating great food, really got the chance to talk and hang out with all family members at once, using the spa facilities, visited the little city where the hotel is situated and so on.
We had so much fun and the fact that we all went there to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday made it even more great.


IMG_20141002_180403[1]Me and my love when we got to the hotel.

wpid-img_115626465034515.jpegAll of us at a local restaurant called “La Casa”.

wpid-20141002_191539.jpgMy food. Delicious!

wpid-20141002_191623.jpgMr. Handsome himself <3



wpid-20141003_101408.jpgOut for a little walk in the surrounding park behind the hotel.

wpid-20141003_104139.jpgThe center of all celebration, mommy!


wpid-20141003_104347.jpgThe park.

wpid-img_20141003_113833.jpgLove this picture of us ;)

wpid-20141003_114846.jpgMy cousins, Sara and Filip.

wpid-img_20141003_135912.jpgWe were over the top awesome and went to the gym!

wpid-20141003_155510.jpgThen took advantage of the indoor pool.

wpid-20141003_221201.jpgEnded the night with great food, company and drinks.


wpid-20141004_080621.jpgWent for a little “morning-hike” at 7.30 am. (Still proud of myself for being able to wake up and actually force my body to move..)



It was truly amazing, relaxing and fun to do this together!

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Weekend of relaxation.


We’ve arrived at “Ronneby Brunnshotell” a couple of hours ago. I totally love this place and this particular weekend will be extra fun since my mom turns 50 tomorrow and our whole family is here to celebrate her.
On the way here I sadly suffered from a terrible migraine and I was barely able to speak at all for most of the trip… luckily I’m much better in this writing moment so nothing will stop from participating :)
Hope you all will have a great day and I’ll try to keep you updated on what’s happening over here!

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